Saturday, October 22, 2011

Perception is taking place here.......

Recently or i should say days before, i finally understand that true heart with good intentions are not always welcome by everyone.... The sincerity given to someone will being destroyed in next minute or even seconds..... We cannot blame others because many of us know that "Give is better than take" and we know that we are giving out something with the true and sincere heart.
I cannot figure up myself as a good person or even nice people.... because i am just a human not an immortal.... I do have my senses getting along with my feelings.... I may looks strong and tough in my looks (hehe^^, actually i classify as "fat and short" (my outer looks)) but i really do have a strong and powerful heart to handle most the challenges in life. sometimes when i felt weak or restless, i will motivate myself to be strong and be patient. But times do is the best medicine in life, i am a human so i do cried sometimes or frequently but not in front of many others, i will cry in front of my closest family or special friend. As most of the times i will only cry and swallow my own tears on my bed and my pillow had became my best companion. It will absorb my tears and all the hardship that being voiced out to it. Thanks, my pillow (companion).
We are human then we cannot liked by everyone as immortal did. Then we must try our best to be the real of ourselves. I am a good example of it, i can say that i always being jokes or best material for others to generate jokes and happiness from me, as my plump body size and huge area of covering skin around my body then when they have nothing to make fun of, then i will be the "victim" but i m blessed that i have this plump body because i can understand more about others and will not laugh at others because of their features or even their personalities. As i understand the shameful of being laughed or being brought into jokes because of all the blessed features given by God, i know i may look stupid when being laughed by others then i still repay them with smile, it is regardless with high EQ but it is that i know that confrontation cannot settle up anything and will not make me look smart too, i am always thankful to God that, God has given this "passionate" in life which many people laughed at me but i always never mind, because it is a fact. I always told myself to be strong inside and tough inside because i don't have it from my looks.
Being disliked is like humiliation to others but for me is like a push factor for me to make me even more tactful and visualize for the future. I cannot pleased everyone surrounded me, what i can add on with it is "I'm sorry", i really cannot be the one who will being liked by everyone because i am a normal human. i am really just human.
I have a task from today, it is a secret within myself, when time has come then i will share it here, after that task, i think the both of us will be even happier, because happiness will surround her and my task is just a faked angel who takes care of her from distance, as long as she is happy and delighted, then i will ask for NO MORE than that. The pre-requistic is that she must be happy always but i know she will always do will. I want to talk some about my "her". She is a nice and tender lady. i can say that she is almost perfect for every criteria that should have for lady, she has all the package then when i am with him, i will always be humble to myself that told myself she deserves better man. So what is my role? I am just a guardian angel but i cannot fly (because i am too heavy and my wings cannot support me up). I will be more than happy when i saw she smile and had a great times. I am not promoting her in here but she is really a (99%) almost perfect lady and suitable to be a life-time partner but i know myself will not be her chosen one, i am not timid or getting angry with my own weaknesses but everyone should realize ownself and i am lucky that i know myself very much. What i am doing now is that i will take care of her for the time being as when she found "The One" then i will set her fly to the best one. Please don't pity or think that i am provoke myself, it is my truth words from my heart, in my heart, such a nice lady really deserve better ones. That's why, starting from now, i will give her more times to choose and in search for the best one, as i promise that i will take care of "her" with true and sincere heart. As i will not gone over the border.
As i will be the same of me, still be everyone's jokes and not taking it to heart but felt relieved that i was being focused by someone. I will still be the One that i always be, and do all the right things and do it all correctly. Shared again my feelings in the coming times.....^^

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